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A Lifetime of Smiles

Take Care of your Teeth

Contrary to popular belief, teeth are just not for the smiles on your pictures, but teeth are an essential part of the human body. So, after all these weeks of blogging on the importance of keeping your teeth healthy, it struck to me that it might make sense to talk about the functionality of teeth. Here are some reasons for you to improve your game in looking after your teeth.
1. Eating
Apparently, teeth are very important for eating. Ever wondered how a toothless grandfather would enjoy our favorite “maindi choma”? Well, unless he has some dentures, that isn’t a near possibility. Teeth help to grind the teeth into smaller bits which are easier to swallow.
2. Speech
Did you know the tongue contacts the teeth for lots of sound formation? The teeth help you hold the tongue in different tongue positions to ensure the correct sound is formed.
3. Self-confidence
Having a set of healthy teeth can really be a bonus for your self-confidence. Imagine having decayed teeth at the front and having to give a speech to hundreds of people. You will be more conscious about the decay and less confident about your talk. Teeth generally make your appearance look more attractive, and amongst many things, teeth are our crowning glory.
4. Retain bone and maintain healthy jaw bone
Your teeth are connected to the jaw bones. In addition teeth often give shape to your face. Lose a few teeth and watch how your cheeks will collapse giving you an older appearance.
Hence, it is very important to look after your teeth. Not only from a sustenance point of view; but also for nourishing of the body and for social allure too.
We at The Dentist can’t stress enough, how important it is to look after our teeth. As the saying goes, “Every tooth in a man’s head, is more valuable than diamonds”, and for us who see mourn at a poorly kept mouth only know how true this is.
The Dentist!