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Let us talk about Orthodontics today. Possibly my favorite branch of Dentistry. You’d ask why? Because when you see the changes and the patient appreciating it, there is something very satisfying about it. Yes, Orthodontic treatment does come with a price tag, but have you ever considered all the hours the clinician takes with the patient and the years in treatment and also during treatment planning?
Man recognized the presence of dentofacial deformities and the need for its treatment in the earlier centuries. Crude appliances that were seemingly used to regulate the teeth have been excavated by archeologists from around the world including Egypt, Greece and Mexico.
Normal alignment of teeth not only contributes to the oral health but also goes a long way in the overall wellbeing and personality of an individual. Correct tooth position is an important factor for aesthetics, function and overall preservation and restoration of dental health.
So why should one consider Orthodontic treatment?
1. Poor facial appearance: Malpositioned teeth do lead to a poor facial appearance.
2. Risk of caries: When teeth are crooked, oral hygiene maintenance becomes a difficult task, increasing the possibility of food retention around these teeth and hence the subsequent caries.
3. Predisposition to periodontal disease: When teeth are not in their right position, oral hygiene suffers and hence an increased chance of periodontal disease.
4. Risk of losing teeth at an early age: Teeth that are not firmly seated on the crestal bone have a high possibility of getting lost earlier since it isn’t surrounded firmly by the investing bone.
5. Psychological disturbances: An unsightly appearance of teeth makes a person highly conscious and with lack of self-esteem.
6. Risk of Trauma: Outwardly appearing teeth have a high chance of getting broken and fractured during play or by accidents.
7. Abnormalities of function: Improper deglutition, defects in speech, improper respiration etc are seen frequently with maligned teeth.
8. Temporomandibular Joint problems: Prematurities on biting and deep bites can cause pain and dysfunction of this joint.
The good news is, there is no age limit for this treatment. Remember we not only treat for aesthetics, but also for function and the well-being of the mind in this society which is so much in love with appearance.
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