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A Lifetime of Smiles

A Dental Check-Up Post Holiday Season

Holidays – sometimes pronounced vacation or travelling – one of my (and am tempted to say our) favourite words as it the break from the normal and a time to do something different. It can be magical or adventurous or even some much needed rest and relaxation – and is always filled with fun, laughter, good food and often amazing friends and family.
And the most important – it is time to break the rules and indulge! No, I am not about to turn you off taking holidays – just to offer some guidelines as you know what never takes a break – your mouth and teeth! I am a foodie and self-admitted chocoholic so new places are perfect to tickle the taste buds, take some Instagram perfect food photos and savour the flavours, local cuisine and desserts with every meal of course – just like you would at home right? (insert sarcastic face here)
Make sure you make the right choices, even for your general wellbeing as we all have to return to reality. Drink plenty of water – keep yourself hydrated and going and also helps look after your teeth. Have the sugary drinks but have them with a straw as it reduces the contact sugar has with your teeth. Choose the crunchy vegetables – don’t overdo it, yes you can overdo a good think too – and give your mouth the exercise it needs and your teeth will also thank you – the perfect holiday photo smile doesn’t just happen.
Remember that your teeth are not tools and the ideal use should be eating and enunciation – don’t be the hero that opens the soda bottle with his teeth or use it to cut some cello tape to wrap a gift. There is a very good reason for the invention of a bottle top opener and scissors so please use them. And if you are a nail biter – STOP immediately – holiday or not, it is a cry for help so find the help you need and give your teeth a break as they are not a nail cutter replacement.
Chew some gum – keeps your breath minty fresh but also helps activate the salivary glands to help fight cavity forming bacteria. It has, of course, to be sugar free gum and is not a permanent replacement for brushing your teeth. Also, do not read gum as candy, toffee, chocolate, mint or anything else – sorry no switching words here. Gum is just gum and the right one with help you enjoy your holidays and travels.
Keep your oral hygiene routine – brush twice a day and floss. In fact – even increase it depending on your choices for the day. Carry a handy kit with a small tooth brush and a dallop of toothpaste (plenty of easy hacks available online or just buy a small toothpaste) for on the go. Even if you are camping and the facilities may be scarce – you can still stick to the bare minimum and not totally become a cave person – your fellow travel mates and teeth with thank you.
Schedule your post-holiday checkup and cleaning – no harm in letting the expert take a look, clean up and keep your smile before the post-holiday blues and reality hit hard – but hey, isn’t taking holidays the reason we work so hard? And will be a perfect time to give me some good ideas, tips and stories so can plan my next vacation.